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Yevpatoria has to offer the modern traveler the amazing beauty of nature and a unique, preserved from the times of the Soviet Union, the architecture of the buildings. Most of the tourists arrives here for a beach holiday and not in vain, sand and warm sea, which is characterized by a crystal clarity that is not all that the town has to offer. Prices stay lower here than anywhere on the black sea coast to Sochi, but the quality is not inferior. Coming here once during peak holiday seasons, to remain a hostage for a long time. In the summer blooming plants, Park areas covered with thick greenery all around and says that this place is designed for relaxation. The friendliness of the local population only makes the vacation and pastime in Yalta is enjoyable. There is always something to do, come to the solitude of the sea or in the family circle, Yevpatoriya offers a wide range of entertainment for every taste. The evening begin to work programs in bars and cafes, in the afternoon you can ride on a boat, fishing in the sea or go on a journey with the ship far out to sea. The quality of rest is no worse than in any other place. Now, thanks to installed web cameras you can see the sea shore, Windsurfing and much more that might interest you as a tourist. This web camera is installed so that the user saw for myself quite a lot for a narrow format shooting. Due to the fact that the device is motionless, it is in one place and taking pictures from one angle. Despite this, it is enough to get a lot of useful information for yourself, including the sea, the beach and other facilities on the territory of the city. Webcam working around the clock, after sunset, the areas not illuminated by the lights remain hidden from the eyes of the user.

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