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The waterfront in Feodosia is very popular among tourists. Come here for evening strolls not only tourists but also locals to enjoy the sea air. The Western part of the embankment is removed the webcam, which is set here to people who only choose a holiday destination, could appreciate its benefits, see the infrastructure. The webcam is equipped with the ability to turn around while shooting, so it captures a large area of the object. In the frame of fall plantings behind the waterfront, located in a residential zone, a road for walking and a small pier where some fishing in good weather, while others dive into the water. With round the clock broadcast of the picture supplied in real time shows that the authorities of Feodosia strictly monitor the cleanliness of the waterfront. Here you can not see the scattered debris that is attracting families with children. This is a great place for a relaxing holiday, however, benches are located far from each other, however, the waterfront come not to passively spend time and enjoy Hiking.

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