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The port of Caucasus and the pier is a small Harbor on the Kerch Strait in Krasnodar Krai in Russia. To see him maybe every user online via a stream from a webcam. Port capable of handling vessels up to 130 meters (430 feet), a width of 14.5 meters (48 feet) and maximum draught of 5 metres (16 ft). It is the Eastern terminal of the railroad and car port Kerch Strait, which connects Krasnodar Krai with the Crimea (the Western terminal of the ferry line is Port Krym ). In the southern zone is reconstructed, which allows to increase the turnover of the facility to 4 megatons products. August 2014, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation signed a government order to increase the area of the port near Crimea with the aim to increase cargo transportation volumes with the use of large vessels. The boundaries of the port was modified to add the deep zone South of the port of Taman for large vessels. Plans included 15-18 additional anchoring points for loading large vessels. The additional area is 18.4 km2 (7,1 sq Miles) with depths of 26-27. 6 m (85-91 ft).

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