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The city of Kerch, when we come to his territory like a still from a different era, one that in Russia seemed to have forgotten. It's like in the nineties, people live the same principles, the building has retained its original architecture, no noise, the bustle, the streets are not flooded space shopping centers. Popular with locals and tourists Lenin street. It is paved with patterned paving stones, along its entire length there are benches and lights, and buildings are small restaurants and bars. To see all this beauty and to decide on the place to vacation no need to spend your time and money, good connection to the Internet and a device receiving the video signal is all that is needed. The web camera installed on the territory of the street sent on the road and the surrounding houses, so that the user receives a maximum of useful information and was able to qualitatively assess the benefits of recreation in the city. The device operates in real time around the clock, at night the picture becomes less clear, and all because of the lack of powerful, concentrated light source.

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