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Artillery Bay (Artbuhta) is one of Sevastopol bays, is located in the center of Sevastopol. The name of the Bay comes from the warehouse for artillery shells (later the artillery workshops), which were located on the shores of the Bay, at the base of the city and the port. In the mid 1820 in Artillery Bay was opened as a commercial port, designed for domestic trade. Began intensive construction of residential houses of the Eastern shore of Artillery Bay (on the site of the modern Nakhimov Avenue), which also was built in the classical style warehouse and other premises of the black sea fleet and Sevastopol garrison. From November 1871 to July 1877 here, just South of the Artillery Bay, was gidrometeostantsiya of Sevastopol. On the banks of the Artillery Bay is a building of Institute of biology of southern seas named after A. O. Kovalevsky national Academy of Sciences of Russia. In the lower floor of the Institute is the Sevastopol marine aquarium Museum, founded in 1897. This is one of the oldest aquariums in the world and the only sea aquarium in Russia. In the early 1980-ies on the shore at the outlet of the Bay was installed decommissioned a few years earlier study barkentine "Kropotkin", in which was opened the restaurant "Barkentine". After the start of anti-alcohol campaigns the restaurant was closed, and in 1987 burned because of careless handling of fire by unidentified persons Burnt the hull of the ship was dismantled in 1990. From the top of the Artillery Bay quay start and Kornilov embankment Klokacheva, named after the outstanding Russian naval commanders, in whose honour the memorial signs have been installed. In the beginning of the promenade is one of Klokacheva sewage storm sewage. From Artillery Bay to the North side (Zakharov square) take a ferry capable of carrying motor vehicles in the direction of Radiogorka passenger ferry boats go.

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