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The few who did not dream to go on a voyage on the ship, and not just a tourist ride, and now that lasts for one week, but alas, such a possibility is not for everyone. Today everything has become possible, if you want to see the sea in real time, this stream is designed specifically for you. Webcam, feed the picture into the network, installed on the deck of the freighter, she operates around the clock online, all you need to travel to activate a video. The open sea from the deck of the ship looks not always. sometimes it hard, sometimes the ship can enjoy a huge wave and all you can see with your own eyes in real time, if you spend some free time watching the video. A deck mounted model the webcam, which is not afraid of the negative impact of weather conditions, in heavy rain it lens can get drops of water, which reduces visibility a bit, but the rest of the presents to the user the clear image of the surrounding nature. Webcam covers his lens not only the sea surface and the deck of the ship, the frame is not seldom the crew. This is a great opportunity to see in reality how people work on such ships in open sea conditions. Despite the fact that the camera is working around the clock in night time visibility is greatly reduced and the user will be difficult to see in detail, the rest of the time after sunrise – the perfect time to see how beautiful is the sea beyond the shore.

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