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If you've always wanted to go to small voyage, but you do not have the time or money, do not worry, now even the impossible becomes possible. Now to make the journey even easier, you just need to have good Internet access device to receive video and play it. In Sevastopol, which is a sea port, work not only ships and boats for walking, but also tugs, providing active support in complex breakdowns on the water. On one of these tugs have a web camera, a video clock in real time. The picture serves a clear, sharp, but after dark it becomes difficult to see something on the sea surface. The web camera is more focused on the horizon, but captures a little from the bottom Board the tug, and with it any to Board the ship's crew. A few hours can make a real journey from shore to shore, from the lighthouse to the boat. A unique spectacle opens before you, if you have time to catch the sunrise with the crew of the tug. Now your dreams can easily become reality in front of you opens up great possibilities due to technical progress.

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