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Nakhimov square is one of the Central squares of Sevastopol, part of the Central city ring. Is located in the Leninsky district of Sevastopol, from it begin and Sailor's seaside boulevards, Nakhimov Avenue and Lenin street, buildings and greenery which shape the appearance of the square. On the square Sevastopol began, here were built the Catherine Palace and other first buildings of the new city. The original name of the square — Catherine, then Nakhimov, 1921-1928 Labor, 1928-1932 Third international, 1932-1946 — Lenin, 1946-1951 Parades, 1959 — again the Nakhimov square. On Nakhimov square are the landing stages, from which there are passenger boats on the North side (Zakharov square, village of Holland) and Inkerman.

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