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Sevastopol is a port city, located on the subtropical Peninsula of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on the black sea Riviera. Sevastopol is situated on 7 hills like Athens, Rome, Moscow, Istanbul, every hill has its own name. It is the only city of the former Union of Councils, which is the basis of the two naval fleets - Russian and Ukrainian. There appeared the first public aquarium in Russia in 1887. About 25,000 students live and study in Sevastopol, in one of the 19 universities, despite the fact that the training of Russian naval officers located on the South Bay city. Moreover, in Sevastopol opened the first military Museum in Russia in 1869, it has a special status in the political and administrative structure of Ukraine, the independence of the city gives control, language, education, and more. All this gives the city the right to create the major agricultural regions around Sevastopol, on its territory there are two cities: Sevastopol - Balaklava and Inkerman and about 40 villages. Thus, it is not just a city, but a large Autonomous province that is about 1,000 square kilometers. Across the city there are 35 bays. Sevastopol is a 34-km long seaside promenade and the square named after the battalion commander Neustroev to see it through the lens installed there is a web camera. the device works online, and the picture comes into the network in real time.

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