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About webcam "The Square of the Rebels" in the city Sevastopol

We continue to closely monitor Sevastopol and look for new and interesting cameras. For example, now you have the opportunity to use the camera that leads to the Square of the Rebels in the city of Sevastopol. Do not make hasty conclusions, since this camera provides a fairly spacious viewing radius. Immediately, a road is seen in which cars are actively moving, and people move around its edges. But do not be limited to this, as careful monitoring of all the details of this camera will have to be watched a lot, since it covers quite a large part of the square and the far expanses of the town. Immediately may embarrass the presence of strange barns and beaten buildings on the right bottom, but this is just a market that itself should not have aesthetic beauty. It is much more important to pay attention to distant expanses, which are also on the right. There is a small shopping center and a high-rise building and a host of other structures that stretch to the horizon. This creates the impression of a spacious and developed city, which, undoubtedly, is the basis of positive perception. On the left there is almost no review, but it can be seen that there is some kind of pleasant and interesting architectural building. Since the painted pillar holding the massive roof accurately indicates our guess. Surely it's a theater or some kind of cultural center, which certainly attracts the attention of the inhabitants. But special attention should be paid to the most central square, which is perfectly clean and has green green lawns. The first part of the square is right in the center of the circular road, and the second is located outside the ring. In any case, a modest, but terribly beautiful area is clearly visible. We wish you a pleasant stay and a good mood!

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