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About webcam "General Zakharov Square" in the city Sevastopol

We return to the open spaces of the city of Sevastopol to personally watch the area of ​​General Zakharov in the city of Sevastopol. Do not expect from a new offer of spacious areas and beautiful landscapes. We have added this camera exclusively for the completeness of the collection and simple education in terms of recognizing the key positions of the city. This time the camera is located opposite the square, which is now used as a parking lot for route transport. If you decide to take a look at this luxury facility in the daytime, you can see that there is a large traffic congestion, which is essentially blocking your view. On the one hand, it can upset, but on the other hand, it says that transportation is developed, and people have the opportunity to quickly move around the city.

The main elements of observation will be the activity of people who are actively crossing this area and are rushing about their business. You can carefully observe the drivers who rest from the flights and actively discuss local news. A couple of small shops get into the camera's lens, which adorn the city's dullness with its colored signs. In general, if you carefully monitor the available spaces, you will surely get a lot of interesting emotions and enjoy every moment.

I forgot to mention that two dwelling houses similarly fall into the camera's lens, which create an extraordinary atmosphere and perfectly coexist with the trees.

Especially interesting picture opens in the evening hours, when all the windows of the houses light up with bright lights and creates an indescribable pleasant illumination. Now there is much more room for observation, so do not miss the opportunity to have a good time and just enjoy every moment spent in these open spaces. Enjoy your viewing and excellent mood!

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