Webcam Simferopol - Embankment of the village of Peschanoe

About webcam "Embankment of the village of Peschanoe" in the city Simferopol

We continue to walk around the Crimea carefully and collect a variety of interesting cameras that will allow us to provide a favorable process of observation of a variety of unique places. Today, our collection is ready to offer you to use the webcam of the embankment of the village of sandy in the city of Simferopol. As you may have guessed, this time you have to carefully observe the coast, which is located near a small village. But do not hope for a personal study of a small settlement, as the camera is strictly aimed at the walking area, so you can watch only the sea, pedestrian area and beach. In principle, the details that are presented here are enough to enjoy the observation. Close - up webcam waterfront village sandy in the city of Simferopol shows a pedestrian zone, which is constantly strolling people. They often go either to the beach or home, in any case, the level of activity is quite high. If you look far away, you can see a small beach, which is specially equipped for leisure and recreation. Do not be confused by the breakwaters, which are located near the beach, they protect people and the coast from strong waves and the threat of flooding. Otherwise, the camera lens covers small details that you can already see and appreciate in person. Webcam waterfront village sandy in the city of Simferopol has become a pretty interesting way to spend time and just feel the scorching sun, which covers every corner of the territory. Yes, sometimes you can see the outdated architecture and broken pavement, but this picture is inspiring and just gives pleasure. Do not look for flaws in it, it is better to pay attention to the atmosphere and environment. All the best to you!

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