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In the Mediterranean basin in Cyprus most of Sunny days, so this is one of the best places to spend your vacation. The bulk of the population here is Christian, in a local monastery still preserved the cross on which Christ was crucified, therefore, in addition to ordinary tourists, pilgrims come here. The Church of Cyprus undertook the obligation to care about schools and are responsible for the Orthodox upbringing of children, accustoming them to the rituals. Local residents almost do not drink alcohol, so there is more developed Smoking. Given the current economic situation, not everyone can afford a trip to Cyprus, but thanks to modern technology, you can take a virtual trip here. Web cameras installed in cities, are broadcast live from the beach and other facilities, which could be of interest to the user. Online, you can watch the clock cameras installed all over Cyprus, they help to learn a lot for myself to determine weather conditions and to choose the future place to travel. Attracts tourists and the local cuisine, which mainly consists of salads, dressed with olive oil. The population of Cyprus not only looks happy, really it is, they easier perceive depression and very cheerful, therefore, the attitude towards foreigners here is excellent. This holiday is full of new experiences, enjoyment and relaxation.

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