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Worthy father of their offspring, Amur leopard named Freddy, can now rightly be called the oldest leopard in Tallinn Zoo. This proud and warlike predator loves to lie in the sun on his favorite spot - on top of a stone embankment. He also likes to relax on the soft hay, near the stump. Active Freddie had become accustomed to the environment and therefore chose a favorite places that they know everything. Trodden path around the stump will show you, of course with the help of a webcams online, how to walk here loves leopard. In the background you can see the interior construction where the Darla (wife Freddie) and their kids. Just seen a small aviary, right from the end of the building, which serves as an outlet for a walk for the whole family. Sometimes you can even see Darla, lying by the left door, which envies as Freddie appetizing lunch. Accommodate the entire family in a cage cannot, because impulsive father cannot cope with them, so they just closed off the grid. So that the whole family will be able to see and communicate together and freely.

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