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Tallinn Bay is located in Estonia on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, where the Estonian capital is also located. Tallinn Bay is divided into several parts: directly the bay itself, Copley Bay, Kakumäe Bay and Paljassaare Bay. The islands of Naissaar and Egna border on the bay in the north, the Viimsi peninsula in the east. The beach of Pirita and Talinsky Bay are popular with tourists during the beach season. The coastal waters are shallow and deep. Tallinn Bay has a steep slope, which allows a good exchange of water with the waters of the Gulf of Finland. Tallinn Bay is one of the deepest bays in Estonia, the maximum depth is about 100 m. The old town is located near the bay, which is a natural harbor and the main passenger port. The Paljassaare harbor and the Bekkersalive Kopli harbor serve freight transport. On the coast there are four public beaches: Pirita, Strumi, Kakumäe and Pikakari. Pirita is a sub-district in the capital of Estonia. It is located around the mouth of the Pirita River in the Tallinn Bay. About 960 people live in the subarea. Pirita was chosen as the venue for sailing events for the 1980 Summer Olympics. During the preparations for the Olympics, sports buildings were built in Tallinn, including the Pirita Yachting Center and the Olumnia Hotel. Today you can see the beach through a web camera lens, which works around the clock, and broadcasting from it is available online.

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