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Pori is the eleventh largest city in Finland.

It is one of the six medieval cities in Finland and is now known as the venue for the oldest jazz festival in Europe, Pori Jazz, Finland’s unique sandy beach Yüteri, distinctive sports teams Porin Ässät and FC Jazz, the country's first Finnish-language city theater, and also a rare necropolis monument for Finland - the mausoleum of Üzelius, painted by the famous Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela, born in the city of Pori.

December 11, 1931, Finnish President Per Swinhovud approved the emblem of the city, but later the heraldic symbol of the city was finalized by Finnish herald master Olof Eriksson. On October 27, 1959, a new version of the coat of arms was approved by the City Council. The quotation in Latin, Deus protector noster eli (“God is our defender”), is attributed to the city’s founder, the Finnish duke Johan.

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