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Веб камера Арнсберг Панорама с высоты
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About webcam "Panorama from height" in Arnsberg

The city of Arnsberg, located in Germany, is located in a quiet and scenic location. Around him the vast territory of space, the streets are full of peace and tranquility, that is why it attracts huge number of tourists wishing to spend a holiday in a relaxed atmosphere. If earlier to see the city was from the streets, now anyone has the opportunity to see the object from the height of bird flight. The web camera mounted and aimed at the city, almost completely covers it. From this perspective it is possible to evaluate not only the scale of the buildings and classic architecture typical of the German buildings. The device works round the clock in real time, which means you will always know what the weather in the city. At night the picture changes completely before your eyes with amazing a-kind light show. When I cease to be visible forests, roads, and rooftops, to the fore the streetlights, the signs on the stores, lights from passing along the roads of cars. The device was mounted so that to provide maximum useful information to the user for viewing pictures.

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