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To see the nest of the white stork can only in certain regions of residence. This bird is trying to escape from the person to raise their own offspring, but urbanization has led to the fact that in some cases she has to settle with the man. The web camera is a unique device that humans use for different purposes, using it you can not only get acquainted with unfamiliar cities and countries, but also to observe wild animals, who do not want to demonstrate publicly their usual way of life. The device is stream on this page, aimed his lens at the nest of the White Stork, and the opportunity to observe the life of birds, do not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. The video is available to any network user, no matter in which country of the world he lives, the only thing he needs – a quality connection to the Internet. Webcam can play a video not only on desktop computer but also your phone, tablet, as long as the device is perceived and reproduced video signal. You will be able to observe the bird in any convenient for you time, keep your own diary and to monitor the emergence of hatchlings. A night picture is difficult to see anything, because all that extra light sources would be frightened of a Stork, and a web camera is not night mode. We suggest to watch the stream when the sun is up and it is enough to illuminate the life of a Stork. In the frame closeup is always a socket, it is possible to turn the lens, but this angle is sufficient to let the user get the most useful information.

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