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Bremen Cathedral of St. Peter Cathedral in Bremen, belongs to a local Evangelical Church combining Lutheran and reformed traditions. The Cathedral is located in the old part of the town on the Market square next door to the town hall and the Roland statue, a UNESCO world heritage site. Near the Cathedral are the city Parliament house and the city elders and the merchant guilds. On the site of the present St. Peter's Cathedral the first Church was built in 789 by St. Willehad. It was a small wooden structure. After three years, the Saxons set fire to Bremen, and destroying the Church. 13 years later, in 805 year under the leadership of Bishop Billerica was built a new Church. Later the building was expanded, were built with a Central nave and two aisles with galleries. However, the year 1041 fire destroyed the Cathedral and most of the library. After a few years under Archbishop Adalbert began construction of the present Cathedral. Initially the building was constructed in the Romanesque style, but in the XIII century there was a turn toward the Gothic. At the end of XVI century the majority of Bremen adopted Calvinism, but the Cathedral from 1638 became a Lutheran.

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