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In Bremerhaven is a huge sea port, in which every day dozens of merchant ships. Before you can see it was only coming here now a unique opportunity to examine the object from a bird's eye view anyone. What is striking is how meticulous the Germans are, observed this craze, and in the distribution territory of the port. If you look closely, each plot has its place, there is not anything that the orphan was not in his place. To the left is seen the sea, which restrict roads from the docks and breakwaters. There are also industrial buildings and marinas. The entire blank area is covered with lawn that is certainly clipped. On the right side is one of the docks for ships, between him and the open water is one of the main roads, formed the Park. The webcam, mounted in front of the object, captures the port territory for several hundred kilometres. Good view of the equipment for unloading and loading ships, but if you look a little, closer to the horizon in the frame of fall rocky ledges into the sea. The device works in real time around the clock, but during the periods when the earth's surface lie the fog, the photo quality is reduced, however, as after sunset. Dark remains visible only the lights from passing or approaching docks vessels, light in the Windows of factories and other industrial buildings.

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