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Unique place the Museum under the open sky in bad brückenau, which is located in one of the provinces of Germany. Summer time is here hurts the eyes of the greens, and all thanks to the fact that the town lies at the foot of the hills. Clean air, nature and friendly locals are attracted to this place by huge number of tourists. To make sure said there is no need to spend your time and money enough to turn a stream from a web camera installed across the town. The picture is supplied clear so you can in detail to see some buildings. Here is building and it is impossible not to notice the construction equipment behind the big trees. The territory covered by the chamber, landscaped, are made in the German style multi-storey building, between the paved sidewalk paths, there is a small Parking for cars, benches for a rest. Webcam working around the clock in real time, you might be interested to be deferred to some time in a completely unfamiliar place, to observe what people are doing during the day in another country. The amazing thing is that it does not need to pack their bags and spend money enough to have Internet access. At night, the webcam continues to work, but cease to be visible to a sidewalk path, only the Windows in the houses with the lit light, everything else darkness covers. This is because there is no strong light source, which would be covered covered by the webcam area.

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