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About webcam "The intersection of Hartmannstrasse and Am Herdentor" in the city Eggolsheim

Is the city in Germany that is not a major metropolis, on the contrary, people here are accustomed to a regular life, to enjoy the peace and tranquility. It is ideal for those who want to relax. Most German cities in the first to the hearing of the people, but not because they did not have before, and because they are few people interested, but that doesn't mean their architecture and nature give in to what the big cities. Today you can see there Is due to the installed web camera. The picture is supplied to the computer screen around the clock via the Internet, regardless of what country you are in, to activate the broadcast enough to have good Internet speed. Web camera covers the intersection of Hartmannstrasse and Am Herdentor, if you look at the overall architecture it becomes clear that in the city there is not much traffic, wide streets and more it reminds of a small but prosperous village. Here almost can not see the apartment building, each family has its own area and a small garden plot. Everything around is designed in the best traditions of village life, even the lights on the streets and pedestrian crossings with traffic lights you will ever see.

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