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German cities in recent years has acquired a special popularity among inhabitants of other countries, it's one of the reasons why there so hard to get a visa, even a tourist. The only and cheapest option to enjoy the architecture of German cities became a web camera, they are installed in almost every city in several instances. Through such broadcasts you can get acquainted with the architecture of almost any major tourist attractions is no exception and the town of Minden, in the centre of the homonymous Central square. Webcam almost completely covers the object, and due to the height at which it is installed, it is possible in detail to consider the house and the road adjacent to the square. If you look closely, it becomes clear that the architecture in the picture matches the style, recognized and widely used in Germany. Webcam working around the clock in real time, which means everything that happens on your computer screen, do here and now. At night image quality change, in the frame of fall lights of cars and lighted Windows of buildings, all that is not illuminated remains under a veil of secrecy to dawn.

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