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Now it's time to visit Germany, a town called Munich. Yes, it has a lot of historical and beautiful places, but there are no cameras there. But the central square of the city was still able to please fans of virtual travel. Thanks to a wide overview, the camera allows you to observe almost the entire area of ​​this town. It remains only to be patient and just watch carefully how people run about their business. However, if you are watching the square right now, you will find that there is a place for construction on its right side. What exactly is erected is still unknown, but very soon such an unpleasant environment should disappear. On the square are high-rise buildings, but they have an exceptionally modern design of architecture, only in the distance can be seen a small chapel with historical architecture. Nevertheless, the general atmosphere can only please and give a lot of pleasure, it remains only to feel the bustle of the city, and you will definitely enjoy every moment of watching the city. I would like to note that this area is in the epicenter of the city, so the density of constantly moving people is high. You can see a whole river of people who are always in a hurry somewhere. Due to the fact that the camera is far away, you can only discern the outward outfit of people and nothing more. But if you look closer to the right side, there is an unusual architecture with some architectural improvements. In general, to admire you for sure will be what, it remains only to find a little time for careful observation of all available places and just get aesthetic pleasure. You will succeed and you will succeed. Enjoy watching!

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