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Even in Germany the infrastructure provided by the presence in each middle and large settlement of the Central square. The Central square in Nuremberg can match in terms of equipment and architecture from any other in our country, it is not just beneficial for the city space, on the territory of which it is possible to arrange political and cultural events, but also the flat area where young and old people spend time at leisure. The surface area covered by paving slabs, it creates a unique design and aura, to see the object today anyone can network for free, if you activate the stream on your computer. In the details object you can enlarge the image to full screen, access to the broadcast is absolutely free, no matter what country you live in. The camera lens faces the square from the height of bird flight, with this arrangement, the web camera covers a large area of the city. The frame gets not only the square itself but also access roads to it, building blocks and other objects. A special eye-catcher is opened to the user after dark. Despite the fact that a web camera is not night mode, the picture is striking in its beauty. As soon as the sun in the city lit thousands of lights and lanterns and lighting and signage. Not to appreciate such a sight is simply impossible. Before the user opens the bright picture of the night of Nuremberg, a huge area that begins to live the nightlife.

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