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The German city has always attracted the interest of tourists, not only because they are rich in cultural heritage and sights, but also have amazing architecture. Not the most sparsely populated city in Germany is Nuremberg, the city stretches for several hundred kilometers and contains more than one hundred thousand people. To see Offenbach you can come here with a tourist visa, but rassmotret object from the height of bird flight you will still fail. Amazing view from a height gives set over the city webcam. Stream which is fed into the grid around the clock in real time. The device was set so that any user could appreciate the scale of the development. The camera lens is almost completely covers the territory of the city and gives a clear picture of the overall architecture. Webcam is the perfect companion for any user that makes a virtual journey around the globe, this stream is run on a computer or phone completely free, it is enough to have a stable connection to the Internet. Of course, from this height to see the people and cars you will not succeed. But the buildings completely. You can see the city at night, when lit hundreds of thousands of lights and the picture changes dramatically appears in front of you, not sad from the city and a modern metropolis where life begins to boil. Camera available at any time, the picture will appreciate the clarity, even at night.

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