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The best beaches in Rhodes offer a variety of classes and activities. The most convenient and popular beaches are located along the Eastern coast of the island, making it easy to move between them and explore several coastlines. Although some of the beaches on the West coast is beautiful and offers umbrellas and beach furniture, coastal line tend to have more coarse sand and a large number of stones. In addition, visitors of these places will have to contend with a constant wind which raises sand storms. If all this doesn't take into account the coast with the beaches on the island of Rhodes in Greece is a wonderful place to stay as a big company, and family. To see the coast and appreciate its scope, quality of coastline and more without leaving the house. On the island of Rhodes has installed a webcam with a live stream. The picture quality is fine, but in the dark only visible region, illuminated by lanterns. Video can be activated on a computer or phone anywhere in the world.

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