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The maximum depth of the Aegean Sea lies east of Crete, where it reaches 11,627 feet (3544 meters). The rocks that make up the floor of the Aegean Sea are mostly limestone, although they often vary greatly in volcanic activity. It has been shaking the region in relatively recently. Rich rainfall in the area of ​​the island of Tera (Santorini, Thira). Particularly interesting is Melos (Milos), in the south of the Aegean Sea. During the 1970s, Tera, in particular, became a subject of great international scientific importance, an analysis of its surrounding precipitation was associated with the possible explanation of the ancient legend of the lost island of Atlantis. The northern winds prevail in the Aegean Sea, although from the end of September to the end of May, during the mild winter season, these winds alternate with the south-west winds. The streams of the Aegean Basin seem to follow the movements in the eastern Mediterranean. The tide of Euripus (Evrípos) between the mainland Greece and the island of Euboea (Evvoj) in the Aegean Sea is extremely important, since it displays a tidal phenomenon of international importance, to which it actually gave its name. This phenomenon, characterized by strong and uncertain currents, has been studied since Aristotle, who first gave an interpretation of the term. Aegean currents are usually not smooth if viewed from the point of view of speed or direction. They are mainly influenced by blowing winds. The temperature of the water in the Aegean Sea is affected by masses of cold water with a low temperature, which flow from the Black Sea to the northeast. The sea surface temperature in the Aegean Sea ranges from 60 to 77 ° F (16 to 25 ° C) and depends on the place and time of the year. A good view of the Aegean Sea from the Agni hotel is opened by the web camera installed here with a 24-hour online broadcast.

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