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About webcam "Aristotle Square" in the city Thessalonians

Greece should not be left without the attention of our users, as this country has a rich number of monuments and interesting places. Today you have a unique opportunity to watch the webcam of Aristotle Square in Thessaloniki Greece. Should I take this chance? Mandatory, since most of these places have historical value and in most cases they are unique and interesting. The time has come to see Aristotle Square, where he actively talked about his thoughts and observations.

Be sure to note the presence of details on the webcam. These are the following elements: - the main territory, which is large in size and often inhabited by people, will be in the spotlight, usually it is still used for various events and mass gatherings; - on the sides you can see the park area, right along there are small bushes, a lawn and benches; - immediately behind them are large multi-story buildings, which with beautiful architecture and fit perfectly into the whole accessible picture.

Now you just need to find some time and use the camera. She offers to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and a truly sunny corner of Europe.

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