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The football club in Kaposvara was named after the city and it's quite a good team at this level. Their home stadium is the Kaposvar Rakoczy Stadium. The team is named in honor of Francis II Rakoczy, the Transylvanian prince and national hero, and they are also often called the nickname of Shomodiak, referring to the county of Shomogi where the team plays. The team was formed on August 15, 1923 as a sports club "Rakoci" by employees of the local sugar factory Mezőgazdasági Ipari Részvénytársaság. Although they originally played as amateurs, they played their first professional match against Mavi. In 1941, the team was expecting the arrival of Istvan Avar, but his debut with the team was delayed by the Second World War. In 1970, she regained her classical name, Rakoczy, but in 1971 she was taken back to NBIII. The young teams were joined by Bőssony, Savanyó and Hegedűs, and in 1973 Imre Mates took on the role of head coach. But this is not the main attraction of the city, it is worth paying attention to the central part, which can be seen in real time through the computer lens. The installed web camera works online 24 hours a day and is available to anyone.

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