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Sarvar is a district in the central-eastern part of the district of Vas. The district is located in the Western Transcarpathian region. The district is bordered by Sopron and Kapuvár (Gy -r-Moson-Sopron) in the north, Celldömölk and Süçük (Vesprit) in the east, Zalaszentgrot (Zala district) in the south, Vashvar in the southwest, Szombathely district and Közeg in the west. The number of settlements in the Sarvar region is 42. Today, tourism began to develop actively, thermal pools appeared that favorably influence the health of holidaymakers. Installed and directed to one of the pools web camera allows you to see the object in detail and evaluate its benefits. This is a great place where you can not just get a full rest, but also improve your own health. The camera works around the clock in real time, the user can activate it online.

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