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The place was inhabited since the 5th century BC. In Roman times, the settlements were called Gorsium and Herculia. After the migration of Fejer was part of the Avarian Khaganate. Today, the Slavic and Great Moravian presence is controversial. (There is no source for the name of the place until the end of the 10th century.) In the Middle Ages, his Latin name was Alba Regalis / Alba Regia. The city was used for a long time as an important transport hub between Lake Balaton and Lake Velence, several trade routes led to the Balkans and Italy, as well as to Budu and Vienna. Today the city is a junction of seven railway lines. Later, the Gothic chapel of St. Anne was built around 1485. The year of its foundation was 972, under the patronage of Prince Geza on four islands in the swamps of the streams of Guy and Sarviz. He also had a small stone castle. Székesfehérvár was first mentioned in the document of the Veszprem bishopric, 1009, as Alba Civitas. King Istvan I granted city rights to the settlement, surrounded the city with a fence, built and built a school, and under his authority began the construction of the Szekesfehervar basilica (it was built between 1003 and 1038 years). At this time the settlement had about 3500 inhabitants. 43 kings were crowned in Székesfehérvár (last in 1526) and 15 kings were buried there (the last in 1540). The modern central square has become the object of observation, online video is received from a web camera and is accessible to everyone.

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