Webcam Reykjavik - Eyyafyadlyayokyudl ice cap

Веб камера Рейкьявик Ледяная шапка Эйяфьядлайёкюдль

About webcam "Eyyafyadlyayokyudl ice cap" in the city Reykjavik

Eyjafjallajöküdl’s ice cap webcam in Reykjavik is an excellent opportunity to enjoy your time in the company of a majestic mountain that It has not only a difficult name for pronunciation, but also beautiful views. Today you will have a chance to carefully see all the details and the environment, but the most interesting thing of course lies in the very top, which is constantly smoking. Do not worry, it is really a volcano, which is in a quiet state. This does not threaten the whole environment, as the state is constantly monitored by scientists. Therefore, you can safely watch and just feel the atmosphere of this place.

The Eyjafjallajökkull ice cap webcam in the city of Reykjavik allows you to feel the excitement and anxiety that completely immerses the viewer into a stupor. Not every time there is an opportunity to observe such a formidable volcano at such a distance. I would also like to note that there is wild nature around with a river and spacious steppes. It is interesting to see how the steppe gradually flows into such snowy places. Now only you and the volcano will be left alone and can think about many things. Emissions of ash and steam make you think about a lot of things that relax and bring a whole bunch of positive emotions.

The Eyjafjallajöküdl ice cap webcam in the city of Reykjavik is available at any time for observation, but it’s best to use the camera during the daytime, since there is practically no lighting at night. It remains to wish you a pleasant stay and impressions. Good luck!

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