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Who would have thought that foxes could be too curious and not even afraid to go to some houses of people who were happy to feed them. True, not every fox is ready to go straight to the person, as they are simply afraid and afraid of attack. Therefore, one resident decided to just correct the situation, put the cameras and arranged a place for a picnic. True, the main guests of this picnic will not be people, but foxes. Considering that there are a lot of them in the district, almost every day you can see how to eat a variety of chanterelles come. It's enough just to pay attention to the new camera and try to enjoy the process. The fact is that now you can watch the place of feast live on the air and catch the moment when the chanterelle is suitable for eating. Chanterelles are wild, beautiful and at times amusing. Some especially lead even young, than unheard of please all users and viewers. Cameras are available at any time, so we recommend that you just follow them closely and try to respond in a timely manner when you notice activity. While people are not around, chanterelles will be willing to eat what they have prepared. Do not worry, as soon as they all eat up, the owner of the house replenishes stocks, so you can at any moment be able to see this or that chanterelle. This webcam does not give chic reviews and camera angles, but allows you to simply enjoy the moment and watching a simple chanterelle that does not hurry eating food. The main thing is to be patient and try to make good use of your new opportunities. We recommend to prepare the program for the screenshots, so as not to miss the interesting moments. Now it remains only to wish you good luck and good mood. We wish you a pleasant viewing and a great mood!

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