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The area of ​​the commune and a fountain with three lions - a fairly large city-scale facility in Assisi. Local residents and tourists call it a secular center and not just. This city in Italy is strongly associated with spiritual and religious life. From the cathedral square is located at a distance of about 200 meters from the west. It is the lions that are the main attraction of this object, they are constantly photographed by visitors, and local people invent new legends to support their interest. To see the area and buildings on its territory, you can today and without leaving the walls of the house. To popularize over the square, a web camera was installed, the broadcast from which is sent to the network around the clock, in the presence of a stable Internet. It was here during the Roman Empire was an important object of cultural heritage, from which only remained the ruins. The finds found were carefully preserved in the museum. In the 13th century, the construction of public buildings began around the square, today they almost surrounded it, which can easily be seen from the video. In the afternoon the picture is of high quality so that you can view the object in detail, after sunset the quality deteriorates, but there are still enough lights to see the nightlife on the square.

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