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Archaeological excavations show that this area was already established in Roman times. Cattolica was elevated as a resting place for pilgrims who traveled along the route Bologna-Ancona-Rome, on the way to the sanctuary of Loreto or to St. Peter in Rome. In 1500, it numbered more than twenty taverns and hotels. Only from the second half of the XIX century fishing became relevant in the city's economy. One of the first notable visitors to Cattolica beach was Lucien Bonaparte, brother of the French emperor, who preferred him to the noisy Rimini in 1823. The city became an independent community in 1896. After the end of the First World War, the tourism industry became predominant. The main attractions: Church of San Apollinar (13th century), Malatesta Tower (1490), Queen's Museum with S. Croce Gallery (16th century), Watchtower, Le Navi Aquarium. It is worth to look and the jetty with yachts on the coast, which is broadcast via an installed web camera. Online video is available for free to any user.

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