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On the territory of Italy is the palace of the Console, which is ranked among the local attractions. It adjoins, or rather occupies the central square of Gubbio. The building itself was completely finished in 1338, and its erection began in 1332. Since that time nothing has changed in architecture, everything the architect Giovanello aspired to have survived and is guarded to this day. This is a truly magical place, which can now be seen through the lens of the web camera installed here. It is here that the city blocks are connected, hence the uniqueness of the location of the facility. Broadcast is available around the clock in real time. The picture is quite clear in the daytime and allows you to view the palace in detail, but with the onset of darkness, the quality of shooting deteriorates. To view the broadcast, it's enough to have stable access to the network. On the camera is not noticeable, but in fact for the object of the authorities decided to radically change the surrounding landscape. During the construction, large arches under the ground were erected, which is why the area around the world is called a hanging place.

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