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In the world there are several countries that are in the top attendance of their tourists and Italy is not the last position. In this country there are cities that are filled with people from different countries, take for instance, Naples, which attracts tourists in the summer but other times of the year. Holiday in Italy has always been famous for comfort, quiet atmosphere and the locals are measured, the special atmosphere in the small villages. In Italy, the village of centenarians, almost half of the population there above the age of 70 years. Scientists have long studied the peculiarities of life of these people to understand what is the secret of their longevity and came to the conclusion that silence, lack of haste, a glass of wine for lunch – the main assistants in the fight against old age. If you've never been to Naples, but would love to go there right now, nothing is impossible. Turn on the stream from the web camera installed in the city and focused on narrow streets with tourists. The device will help you to make instant journey to Naples, to see how the daily life in this city, as the streets are located, what style of architecture built homes. The webcam is aimed at this area of the city submits a picture to the Internet around the clock, anyone who has access to the broadcast, it is enough to allocate some free time and have on hand the device is able to receive and reproduce the video signal. The webcam works in real time around the clock, night stream continues, thanks to a sufficient amount of light from numerous lanterns picture and after sunset allows you to see how the city lives.

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