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Palermo - the capital of the Italian island of Sicily. In the cathedral of the XII century royal tombs are preserved. The Massimo Theater in the neoclassical style is known for its opera productions. The Palazzo Normanni, the royal palace of the 9th century, and the Palatine Chapel with a Byzantine mosaic are also located in the center of the city. Near the port you can stroll through the lively markets of Ballaro and Vucciria. The population of Palermo is 670,000 people.

Palermo was founded by Phoenicians under the name Sousse in 754 BC, but Panorm - always available harbor received from the Greeks; in the first Punic war here was the main station of the Carthaginian fleet. The Romans, taking the city in 254 BC, gave him the right of the municipality, and in the time of Augustus the city was made a colony. In 515, fairly desolate, during the Roman domination of Palermo was conquered by the Goths; in 535, Belisarius conquered the northern coast of Sicily from them. In 831, he was in the hands of the Saracens; has since become the most important trading center of Sicily. The majority of the population were Greeks, Jews and Arabs who traded with North Africa.

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