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On May 1, 2011, John Paul II was moved to the altar of St. Sebastian after he was declared blessed. John Paul II was buried in a cypress coffin, which looked like a traditional coffin. It was placed in a large solid zinc casket, which was soldered and closed. The coffin was decorated with three bronze plaques: a simple cross at the head of the coffin, an average tablet bearing the name of the Pope, the length of his life and the pontificate and the third with the personal insignia of Pope John Paul II at the foot. The zinc box was finally lowered into a larger walnut casket (traditionally elm) with three identical plaques that were covered with nails of pure gold. Together with the body was a sealed document, Rogito, a panegyric with a detailed description of the life and work of Pope John Paul II, which was read by Archbishop Marini. Three bags containing gold, silver and copper coins were placed next to the body. Each bag contained one coin for each year of government. The triple structure of the coffin was covered in addition with a marble slab with a name in Latin and a date of life. Today, the tomb of Blessed John Paul 2 in the Vatican is broadcast to the whole world. The webcam sends a clear picture around the clock. Access to the video can be completely free of charge for any network user.

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