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Images of St. Peter's Square are often broadcast around the world. Not surprising, given that it is in the public heart of the Vatican. Chambers are usually directed to the Basilica of St. Peter and its cult dome of the Renaissance, which dominates the horizon of Rome. Another monument also occupies a prominent place in these images, it is an obelisk that stands in the center of the square. The obelisk, brought from Egypt by Caligula in 37 AD. In Rome there are a number of Egyptian obelisks, in fact 13. In Rome they are more sublime than anywhere else in the world, including Egypt. All of them were brought by different Roman emperors. This particular example is often called the Vatican Obelisk, and sometimes the Obelisk of Caligula, it is the only ancient Egyptian obelisk in Rome, which remained from Roman times. Unfortunately, little is known about its origin, only that the pharaoh ordered its construction. There are no hieroglyphics on it that would record this information. It is intended for construction in Heliopolis. Once upon a time between 30 and 28 years BC in Alexandria appeared a red granite obelisk at the direction of Augustus. It was purchased in Rome in 37 AD. This is the largest indescribable obelisk that left Egypt, 25.5 m high and weighing about 326 tons. The obelisk was originally installed in the gardens that Caligula inherited from his mother, and then in the central square of the circus, the construction of which was started by Caligula and completed during the reign of Nero. Most of this circus is under the basilica and square, the original place for the obelisk is next to the modern vestry, south of the basilica. The obelisk on St. Peter's Square in the Vatican can be seen through the webcam presented on this page, the broadcast from which is sent to the network around the clock.

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