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St. Peter's Square in the Vatican - a large square, located directly opposite the basilica. Both the square and the basil got their name in honor of the same person and the first Catholic pope. In the central part there is an ancient Egyptian obelisk erected at the present place in 1586. Bernini was engaged in the project of the square almost 100 years later, including the massive Tuscan colonnades, four columns that cover visitors in "maternal embraces." The granite fountain built by Bernini in 1675, coincides with another designed by Carlo Maderno in 1613. Bernini worked for decades on the interior of St. Peter, he gave the order to create a space with his famous colonnades, using the Tuscan form of Do ika, the simplest order in classical vocabulary so as not to compete with the palace facade of Carlo Maderno.He used the technique on an unprecedented colossal scale to evoke awe.There were many restrictions from existing structures, massive accretions of the Vatican Palace filled the space to the right of the facade of the basilica. It was necessary to disguise, not obscuring the cigarette apartments.The obelisk in the center and the granite fountain Maderno aside. Bernini embraced the fountain with colonnades, which, in the final analysis, corresponds to his style. It happened in 1675, just five years before his death. According to the Lateran Treaty, St. Peter's Square is subject to the authority of the Italian police, although it is part of the Vatican state. You can watch it without leaving your home through the webcam lens, broadcast from which is sent to the network around the clock.

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