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Piazza del Popolo is translated from Italian, as the People's Square. It is located in Todi, the city of Italy. From her like the rays of the sun the main central streets diverge, and around there are many attractions. Nearby, closer to the north, there is a road that for several centuries was the main way for travelers. A few centuries ago the object looked completely different, the architecture that survived until now appeared only in 1811-1822, when architect Juppe Valadier applied to decorating his talent. You can see the object thanks to the nearby web camera. Broadcast from it enters the network around the clock, at night you can see only areas with additional lighting. Web camera works online, all information is reliable and available anywhere in the world, where there is access to the Internet. In the winter season, with the onset of New Year's holidays, a Christmas tree is set here, which makes the atmosphere around even more solemn. The place is popular with tourists and locals as an object for evening walks.

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