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Italy is famous for its numerous beautiful and pleasant places. How about personally heading to a town called Turin and visiting Bodoni Square? Now you have such an opportunity, it's enough just to take advantage of our special offer regarding using the web camera for live broadcast and enjoying what you saw. Do not wait for something truly epic, this time the camera angle is directed strictly to the area, which is not that big in size and looks quite standard. But there is no need to doubt that this place plays a special role for Italians who come to this place, reflect, walk and just enjoy such an unusual kind and environment. In the center of the square there is a monument of personality, most likely this is Bodoni himself. But let's not go into the history and immediately note that the monument is directed strictly to a rather beautiful and snow-white construction. What exactly is hidden there, it is not known, but it seems to us that this is an Italian elite hotel Bodoni, which allows you to spend time around the site for days. The square itself is completely pedestrian, only along the edges are visible narrow streets and roads for traffic. The shape of the square resembles a circle and there are benches along the edges, where people can spend time and just enjoy peace. In the daytime, the square seems to be a typical place for the hustle and bustle of people who quickly cross the square and hurry about their business. But night. This place acquires a shade of fairy-tale and unimaginable atmosphere, which you will surely like, and you will come back here again in order to spend an extra couple of minutes in meditation and enjoy a pleasant environment. We wish pleasant viewing! Good mood and great memories are guaranteed!

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