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In the list of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice is not the last place it is understandable why, in its own way, it is a unique city that stands on water, people here in most cases move on gondolas, which is not found in any other city on the entire planet . Scientists say that the water level in the city rises by several millimeters per decade, and they are seriously concerned that someday Venice can go completely under water, burying unique buildings and architectural monuments under the strata.

If you have never been to this Italian city and are confident that you will not have the opportunity to visit it, take advantage of a unique opportunity and watch the live streaming online. Thanks to technical progress, it has now become possible to broadcast a picture from the city’s territory to the whole world, for this it is enough to have a device that receives and reproduces the video signal and has a good internet connection. Anyone, no matter what country in the world he is in, can watch the pier near the central square in Venice around the clock.

The webcam works constantly, it provides not only a clear picture, but also has the ability to transmit sound, that is, you not only see, but also hear what is happening in the area covered by the device. At night, the picture quality deteriorates, all because there are not enough lamps to illuminate the area that falls within the frame of the camera. Make an unforgettable trip for yourself, today there is no need to buy a ticket, you just need to devote a few free minutes.

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