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Latvia is not a country that would benefit tourists are very popular, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to see. In the 13th century in the place where today stands Jaunjelgava was a castle, which was destroyed by the crusaders. After he was wiped off the face of the earth there was a organized settlement, known as Serena, then the name was changed several times. Only in 1590, the settlement was officially recognized by the Duke, at that time in the settlement, there were about 60 families. After the Polish-Swedish war the settlement was destroyed and rebuilt, and twenty years later the settlement became a town and received the official statos. It is a city with an unfortunate history, like most in its vicinity. During his sushestvovaniya he experienced not only the destruction but also floods, fires, and even the invasion of cholera. As the historical centre of the city can be interesting for tourists, but osbou value here is nature and the animal world. Here you can see the white-tailed eagle, which is of particular value to scientists. As is known the nest of this bird situated at a high altitude, so not everyone is able to see the Chicks of a bird. With the development of technical progress it has become possible to install a web camera at the height of bird's flight, so that anyone who wants to see the baby osprey in the nest and not to disturb its tranquility. The device works round the clock in real time, this is a unique opportunity to make a presentation in first person or just watch the bird in its natural environment. Better observation to do in the period from dawn to dusk, from-for absence of light over the nest webcam is unable to give high quality picture when the sun goes down. The rest is a unique and amazing assistant, through which you can explore the world around them.

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