Webcam Tiraspol - The intersection on the Shevchenko street.

About webcam "The intersection on the Shevchenko street." in the city Tiraspol

Moldova is a country where people don't just always open, good mood and humor is a national trait of the local population. This and many other advantages attract the attention of tourists in the holiday period, start to come for a portion of good mood, cordiality. Tiraspol, though not the metropolis, but popular town. See it infrastructure, the special architecture of the buildings and more is now possible from the comfort of home. on Shevchenko street and others were installed the webcam broadcast supplied by the network round the clock in real time. The intersection on the street Shevchenko is a city landmark, but as one of its main objects attractive for tourists. For those who are going to travel around the country, there is mounted a web camera can be a good helper. To study the features of local roads, pedestrian behaviour became easier after I had the opportunity to see the city in real time. In the frame of the webcam hits the road, nearest the building and a sidewalk path for pedestrians. If you look closely you can see the direction of the traffic, road signs and markings, which is important for those who are going to travel around the city by rented transport. Webcam working around the clock, after sunset, the device pulls out of the dark pedestrians and cars passing through the intersection of the machine. Consider house numbers are impossible due to the remoteness of the device, but it is possible to observe the vehicle abandoned in the field of view of the camera.

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