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Most people have heard about the Amsterdam Red-light district before his visit. Leaving nothing to the imagination, some stereotypes about this area are true. There are a lot of sex experience, peep shows, brothels, fine shops condoms, sex museums and prostitutes, but it is worth saying that the heart of Amsterdam and much more. New possibilities create the future for the city centre, which showcases a lot of qualities.Prostitution has a long tradition of tolerance in Amsterdam. Here safety is important. In addition to preventing forced prostitution, was selected in an open and honest approach. Sex-workers here have their Union, just enough protection from the police information centre (for visitors), frequent monitoring and testing and professional standards. In fact, the centre of Amsterdam has a romantic image. New possibilities create the future for the centre, for example, the draft 1012 city Council of Amsterdam aims to prevent crime and corruption in the town centre by reducing the types of enterprises that contribute to crime, and permitting prostitution in just two areas. Municipal Council, together with local residents, business owners and investors working to strengthen the unique character of the district and promote economic modernization. If you want to see what is the red light district. Enough to activate the stream there installed a web camera. it is available online around the clock.

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