Webcam Sint Maarten - The beach and the seaport

See on webcam The beach and the seaport and watch the weather in Sint Maarten

Веб камера Пляж и морской порт в Синт-Мартен

About webcam "The beach and the seaport" in Sint Maarten

Beaches and sea port in Sint Maarten in the Netherlands are in demand among tourists. The authorities have tried to make it so that they were the most comfortable, if you look at live pictures from there, you will see that unlike many other places, there are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas. A holiday at the sea hard to call comfortable, also nearby is a small café, changing rooms and other required facilities. Opposite the beach sea port, which come not only cargo tankers, but the ships are receiving on Board and down with it tourists. On the sea surface near the coastline are always a lot of small boats which go fishing and swim a small company. Web camera installed in front of the object works in real time, around the clock. To look at the object, it is sufficient to have at hand a device for receiving video and Internet connection. Webcam perfect travel assistant, who has not decided where he wants to go. To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of illuminated places and with the supplied pictures. Night time shooting is difficult because of the lack of light source, the picture you just see the lights from ships that are in port or approaching to it.

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