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Recently, when borders between countries have been erased and tourists a huge stream gushed in search of new information even the Netherlands became the center of attention of people around the world. Attracts tourists not only the amazing beauty of these places, typical of the nature of the country, but also a huge number of attractions, local food and traditions. Local people are very friendly, it's one of the advantages of the Netherlands, people tend to always help tourists, provide quality advice. Strange as it sounds, but the modern Internet user, who has studied all the advantages and opportunities of technical progress, able to help themselves. For this you only need to have a computer or other device capable of reproducing a video signal and a good connection to the network. all today you can see it with my own eyes, enough to include a live broadcast from cameras installed in the country. The shooting is done in real time, to watch video online without any restrictions at the location. All videos are absolutely free to view and require only a little free time and a good connection to the Internet. This webcam overlooks the Central square in the city of Sittard-Gelen, it completely covers the object and makes it the maximum of useful information. The recording quality is excellent, speaking about daytime, after sunset, the picture darkens, and all because web camera is removed from the light source. Best to study the infrastructure of the square in the afternoon, when the sun's light from the darkness snatched the buildings and shops located on the square.

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